Did you know that roughly 358,500 fires happen inside of homes every year? Roughly 50% of these homes receive so much damage that they aren’t liveable after these experiences. They also should never be cleaned by someone who doesn’t have the safety training to restore them. 

Emergency fire and water restoration professionals train for fire damage restoration. Cleaning up after a fire requires professional care. There are toxins and security measures that could threaten your well-being. 

If you want to learn more about fire cleanup continue reading below. We’ll go over a few safety measures and why they’re so important. 

A Compromised Structure 

One of the key things to remember is that a fire can damage the structure of a home. A sudden collapse could be imminent and you wouldn’t know. The last thing you need is more tragedy to happen. 

Professionals know to look for structural damage. They know the specifics that should be avoided. Unlike the average person, they have trained in knowing how to control a situation. 

Entering the home for cleanup should always fall to professionals. When you go back into the home, you put yourself and your family in danger. Structures can be highly affected by fires.

Correct Protective Coverage 

Fumes after a fire can be hazardous to your health. Smoke inhalation can still occur even after a fire has been put out. There are toxins that you shouldn’t be breathing in. 

A professional team has the gear needed to walk into a damaged building or home. They have all of the items that will protect their health from sustaining any damage. They have also been trained in how to proceed with caution. 

Fire damage can result in breathing issues and skin issues if you are not protected when re-entering a structure.  

The Professional Equipment 

It is unlikely that you have the professional products that it takes to remove smoke and soot damage from your home. Cleaning up after a fire isn’t the same as a campfire. These are materials that take serious cleaning products. 

Many of the products used to clean up after a fire can be harmful to the skin if it isn’t protected correctly. 

When you hire a professional, you have a team that already has the chemicals and equipment on hand. They know how to use these products and can get the job done safely and carefully. 

Cleaning up After a Fire Is For Professionals 

Safety measures should always come first when it comes to fire restoration. Cleaning up after a fire may be a hazardous situation that you aren’t equipped for. 

Professionals are trained in how to take care of these situations. They have all of the materials needed to safely conduct themselves. You don’t have to worry about enduring any more trauma. 

Let the professionals take care of your restoration. Call us today to get your process started. We’re here to make your situation a bit easier.