Storms across the country have been worse than usual this year. These storms have wreaked havoc and caused homeowners severe distress. Even a heavy thunderstorm can lead to flash flooding if rivers and lakes are already swollen with excess water. This can lead to flooding on lower levels, and all of this adds up to the need for storm damage cleanup in Carlsbad homes.

Safety First

One of the things we do at Hometown Restoration is to put the safety of our customers and crew first. In the case of flooding, this is especially important as floodwaters are highly contaminated. Our safety protocols include:

  • Containing the contaminated water to keep it from spreading.
  • Ensure electricity is turned off at the source.
  • Gas and other utilities may be shut off.
  • Use EPA-registered antimicrobial and disinfecting agents.
  • Tarp roof openings, if needed.
  • Post signs warning of potential dangers.

Restoring Your Home

Our goal is to restore your home to pre-loss condition in all possible ways. Flooding often displaces families and causes emotional stress on top of everything else you are dealing with. Hometown Restoration can ease your stress when you allow us to handle the cleanup from the storm’s aftermath.  Our IICRC qualified team will:

  • Extract standing water
  • Dry the premises and contents
  • Clean whatever can be salvaged
  • Use controlled demolition to repair structural elements
  • Repair and restore where needed
  • Clean and sanitize with EPA approved protects
  • Remove contents and move off-site, if needed, for cleaning
  • Properly dispose of contaminated materials

If your home is impacted by storm damage, let our experienced team handle the situation. Storm damage cleanup in Carlsbad is one of the many services we offer to the community. Contact Hometown Restoration at (760) 274-8016 for immediate help. Time is of the essence when dealing with water or fire cleanup.