Home water damage accounts for nearly a third of home insurance claims.

It also accounts for a ton of property damage and airborne illnesses. But what are all the risks of water damage? What do you do after your home suffers water damage?

Keep reading to learn more.

Dangers of Water Damage

Air drying can’t fix extensive water damage. Before the water dries completely, it will have time to wreak havoc on your home and the health of its inhabitants. Dangers of home water damage include:

  • The weakened structural integrity of the property
  • Rust-corroded pipes
  • Mold and mildew
  • Pests
  • Damaged electrical system

Tips to Fix Water Damage

Too much moisture can soften your property’s building materials and degrade them, leading to weakened (and dangerous) infrastructure. Rust can eventually render pipes unusable, mold and mildew cause airborne disease, pests can further destroy your home, and a damaged electrical system renders homes unlivable.

Following the tips below can minimize these consequences as much as possible.

Identify the Source

Before you clean up, locate the source of the water supply that caused the flooding. When you do, close it. If it’s leaking, seal the leak with tape or putty.

If you can’t find the source, contact a professional immediately. They will find the source more quickly and more precisely than you.

Remove the Water

As mentioned before, too much moisture for too long is debilitating. So remove as much water from your home as your can. The best tool to use is a shop vac, which is manufactured to remove water quickly.

Dry Everything

To dry your area, rent large dehumidifiers and air movers before letting it constantly run in affected rooms. Rooms should completely dry in three to four days.

Even if you believe everything’s dry before that time, keep the appliances running. There may be water damage in the room that you cannot touch or see easily.

Mold Treating

During the time it takes to dry, there’s a chance that mold still has a chance to form. So, after you’ve done all the previous steps, treat the affected areas. Do so with an antimicrobial product to kill whatever molds formed.

Contact a Professional

Despite our tips, it’s true — fixing water damage is a huge undertaking. But that’s why there are professionals with years of experience that dedicate their work to it.

So if you must, contact a professional. After they service your home, you’ll know that you’ve maximized your guarantee for an adequately drier home.

Water Damage

Water damage is always dangerous, whether it occurs because of a flooding issue or a shoddy roof. But you and your family can quickly return to your everyday lives after water damage by hiring a water restoration company to fix it. Doing so will improve your family’s comfort and preserve your property.

At Hometown Restoration, we understand how debilitating home disasters are. We offer home restoration services for families that want to get back to normal as soon as possible. So if you need water restoration services in Carlsbad, CA, contact us today!