The days after you’ve experienced a flood or significant water damage can be very trying and traumatic. The good news is, there are professionals out there that can help restore your home to its original condition so that you can be comfortable again in your own home. Many things can cause flooding or damage. You may have experienced a major flood after a weather event, or perhaps your washing machine malfunctioned and plunged your basement underwater. No matter what the problem is after water damage occurs, some degree of restoration must happen, especially to prevent mold growth. If you need water restoration in San Diego, Hometown Restoration can help.

There are a few steps we go through before we arrive at the restoration process. No job is too big or too small to us – even if you have some groundwater seeping in through your basement or a small leak from a pipe, we can help. Where there is moisture, there is mold, and that’s a dangerous combination. What we do first is come out to your home to assess the damage. From there, we remove all of the water and excess moisture from your home. We then go through a drying and dehumidifying process, which further helps prevent the growth of mold. Next, we clean and sanitize, and then your home is ready for restoration.

Depending on the extent of your damage, we can provide emergency building services, such as temporary fencing or a roof tarp, and repairs and minor building services, like painting, hardwood and tile floor repair, and drywall repair or reconstruction. For heavy structural damage and major building repairs, we may contract with our partners to ensure that your home is restored and reconstructed fully.

To hear more about how we can help with water restoration in San Diego, contact our team at Hometown Restoration by dialing (760) 653-5400, and we’ll immediately send someone out.