Just like any emergency, after a flood or water damage, you may be unsure of what to do or who to call. Even if you have excellent homeowner’s insurance, that doesn’t help with the initial step of contacting when your basement is flooded with water, or you have standing water in your kitchen after your dishwasher malfunctioned. One of the first steps after assessing the damage when it comes to restoration is removing the water. When you need water removal and extraction in San Diego, Hometown Restoration is here to help.

Water or flood damage can range from very mild to very severe. Of course, in severe cases, you’re ready to make a call because your home is unlivable after a massive flood. But even if you have a small amount of water damage, you should have a professional extract or remove excess water and moisture. This is because mold can grow. Mold spores are present in many places, but where there is moisture, mold can thrive, and this can become a serious health hazard.

Our professionals can remove and extract water with several different methods to ensure your safety and help prevent mold growth after any water damage. First, we will safely move your possessions from the area to prevent further damage to your items. Next, depending on the amount of water, we will use industrial-strength submersible pumps and wet-dry vacs to ensure all the standing water and excess water is removed. We will use hydrometers and other moisture detectors to ensure the job is done right the first time, so you don’t have to worry about mold growth after the fact. Infrared cameras may also be used to ensure water isn’t hiding in walls or other places.

To hear more about how we can help with water removal and extraction in San Diego, contact Hometown Restoration today at (760) 653-5400 to talk to a member of our team.