If you’ve been a victim of flood or water damage, it can be a terrifying experience. Perhaps you still have standing water in your house, or your home is unlivable at the moment. You may not know who to call. Just because your homeowner’s policy covers flood damage doesn’t mean that helps when it comes time to fix the issue. If you need help and are looking for someone knowledgeable when it comes to water & flood damage restoration in Del Mar, contact Hometown Restoration today.

We will first come out to your property to do a full inspection and see how much damage has been done. There are many reasons that a home may have flood or water damage, and not all of them have to do with the weather or with flooding from storms. You could have a faulty septic system or tank, you could be experiencing plumbing problems, or you could have a leaky appliance, like a washer, in your home. You also may have groundwater coming in through the cellar. It can be many different things.

Once we assess the damage, we can give you a reasonable estimate of cost and how long it will take to fix the damage. The first order of business is to make sure there is no standing water still in the home. After that is completed, we will dry and dehumidify the home. Next are a thorough cleaning and sanitation process before we begin the actual restorative work.

When you need help with water and flood damage restoration in Del Mar, contact us at Hometown Restoration today by dialing (760) 653-5400. We’re here to help!