Water and flood damage can do more than just ruin your day—it can be stressful, and a headache while trying to determine out how to repair the damage after you’ve experienced it. Perhaps you have just some minor damage from a broken pipe or ground seepage, or you have significant flood damage, which resulted in your home mostly being underwater. When you need help with water & flood damage restoration in Borrego Springs, Hometown Restoration is here for you. We can inspect and assess your water damage and get your home back on the road to recovery.

Beyond aesthetic damage, one of the main reasons that flood and water damage are bad for a home is because of the growth of mold spores. Every home has some growth of mold, but when there’s an overabundance of moisture or wetness, harmful mold can begin to grow, which can bring with it a host of health problems. If water damage gets fixed promptly and mold gets eradicated, you can avoid these problems.

What we do when we come into a home is first to inspect the damage to see what’s occurred. Some jobs are small, while others are not. We want to give you an honest estimate of the condition of the damage, along with the pricing and length of time it will take to restore your home. If there is still water in the home, we remove it, dry and dehumidify the home fully, and then begin to clean and sanitize. After the restorative process, we can begin the sanitization process.

For more information about water & flood damage restoration in Borrego Springs, contact Hometown Restoration today at (760) 653-5400 to speak with a member of our team to see how we can help.