You never know if water and flood damage will happen to your home. You may be quite lucky, and it may never happen—or, unfortunately, you may be one of those homeowners that have to deal with water damage somewhere during the course of homeownership. While flood damage may seem insurmountable, in many cases, it is possible to restore water damage and flood damage and get a home back to the condition it’s meant to be in. If you need help regarding water & flood damage restoration in Bonsall, Hometown Restoration is here to help.

It’s not just natural disasters that can lead to water and flood damage – other events can cause water damage as well, and it’s good to keep an eye out for these things. Perhaps you have a leaky appliance, such as a hot water heater or a washer, or you have a septic system that’s backed up and has leaked into your home. Maybe you have a leaky basement or a burst pipe. No matter the reason, Hometown Restoration can get your home back on the road to recovery.

What we do first is we take a look at the damage, and do a full inspection. We can then assess from there. Some houses may just have minor damage from a plumbing issue, while others may have deep flood damage. Every case is different. If there is still water in the home, we remove it. Then, we dry and sanitize the home thoroughly. We want to make sure that no harmful mold spores grow. That’s one of the main points of restoration – your health. Then, we can work toward full cosmetic restoration.

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