As a homeowner, you’ve likely prepared for all types of potential problems when it comes to damage to your home, but it’s never quite the same as when devastation happens. Water and flood damage can strike from out of the blue, and it can not only throw a wrench in your day—it can be a severe problem to solve that requires the help of professionals. When you need the right team when it comes to helping you deal with water & flood damage restoration in Bonita, look to Hometown Restoration for help.

There are several incidents that can cause water or flood damage. Perhaps you’re in a flood zone, and rain waters got too high, or you experienced another effect from the result of the weather. But everyday problems can cause damage as well. You may have had a septic system that backed up, a burst pipe that flooded your cellar or basement, an appliance that malfunctioned (such as a water heater or dryer), or you may have seepage into your basement.

What we do is come out and inspect and assess the damage, and offer you an estimate on how much restoration will be. If it’s a moderate amount of damage, the next step is to remove water that’s still in the home, which can be a lengthy process. Next, we must dry and dehumidify the area, and this is followed by sanitization. The main goal is to prevent mold spores from growing, which can cause health problems. Once the area is sanitized, we can begin to restore it.

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