It can be beyond stressful when you have a problem such as water or flood damage in your home. Even if it’s covered by your homeowner’s insurance, sometimes water damage can go beyond a slight inconvenience and can also make your home unlivable until the problem gets repaired. On the other hand, some water damage is minor, and the problem can get fixed in a few hours. Here at Hometown Restoration, we understand all types of issues when it comes to water & flood damage restoration in Blossom Valley, and we’re here to help.

There are necessary steps when it comes to restoring a home after water and flood damage. First, you call us for an appointment, and we’ll give you an estimate after we assess how much water and flood damage that there is in the home. After inspection, we will remove any water that may still be in the house (for minor cases, sometimes, this step can be skipped). Next, we will dry and dehumidify all of the areas where the damage occurred. This is to help prevent the growth of harmful mold spores. Lastly, we clean and sanitize every water-damaged surface and follow up with a full restoration.

Each case of water or flood damage is different, which is why we inspect every home thoroughly to determine how much damage there is. Not all fallout gets caused by rain or flood, and some water problems may come from plumbing or appliances inside the home. We’re here to assist you andĀ figure it out.

For more information on water & flood damage restoration in Blossom Valley, contact Hometown Restoration today at (760) 653-5400 to speak to a member of our staff about making an appointment.