Water is insidious and causes damage in places you wouldn’t think possible. It seeps under floorboards, flows down beams, and settles behind cabinets and under flooring. There are many steps to water damage restoration. It all begins with a phone call to Hometown Restoration.

water damage mitigation

Emergency Building Services

Emergency water mitigation is typically what is needed immediately. Our IICRC crew deals with any safety issues. If the location of the water loss isn’t apparent, they address that issue and stop the water flow. Our emergency building services make sure protective measures are taken, so further damage is prevented. Some of the services we provide during this step include:

  • Roof tarps and boarding up if necessary
  • Move-out and pack-up services
  • Providing temporary warehouse space
  • Checking for safety hazards such as electrical issues
moisture test

Water Extraction & Drying

Once safety is ensured, and a mitigation plan is established, water extraction becomes the primary goal. The moisture must be removed as quickly as possible. Hometown Restoration uses:

  • Truck-mounted and portable pumps
  • Industrial grade air movers and dehumidifiers
  • Moisture sensors, moisture probes
  • Infrared cameras to find hidden water

The structural elements of the home or business are dried as well as the content. This can involve controlled demolition to help dry sheetrock, drywall, and ceilings.

Repair & Restoration

Restoring your home to pre-loss condition is the final step. This process may involve both major and minor repairs. To restore your interior to pre-water damage condition, we may need to deal with:

  • Carpet cleaning, repair, and installation
  • Hardwood or tile floor repair
  • Drywall removal and installation
  • Painting
  • Reconstructing specific areas
  • Deodorization

Our team can provide both early mitigation and restoration services. Contact Hometown Restoration at (760) 653-5400 for all your water damage restoration needs.