It’s never a good day when there’s been water damage at your home. Whether it’s a small amount of damage or a severe flood, any amount of damage can put you at unrest. You don’t have to live in a flood zone to experience flooding – many things can make a flood occur. If you have had an emergency and need water and flood damage restoration in Santee, look to Hometown Restoration for all of your restorative needs.

While it’s true that Mother Nature is responsible for many different types of water damage, such as floods caused by storm surges, she’s not responsible for all types of water damage. In fact, you may be experiencing trouble because you have a broken appliance, such as a washing machine or hot water heater, or you have seeping groundwater in your basement, or you have trouble with your plumbing. No matter the reason, no job is too big or too small for us to fix.

What we can do is send someone out to assess the damage, and then provide you with an estimate as to how long it may take, and what it may cost to fix. It is of the essence you get it repaired as soon as possible, to prevent the growth of mold. Once we begin, we will first remove standing water and excess moisture, and then dry and dehumidify your house. Next, we’ll clean and sanitize. Next, we can do the restoration.

For more information about water and flood damage restoration in Santee, contact Hometown Restoration at (760) 653-5400 to speak with a team member. We’re here to help.