Having water and flood damage affect your home is something that no one can truly be prepared for. Even if you have the best homeowner’s insurance policy there is – including flood coverage or coverage for being in a flood zone – that doesn’t help when there’s rising or standing water. You need to get your house back to a livable condition as soon as possible. When you’re not sure where to turn, and you have a need for water and flood damage restoration in Oceanside, Hometown Restoration can help.

There are many reasons why you may have flood damage. A common reason is, of course, the weather.  Severe storms and heavy rains can cause flood damage to occur to your home. But there can be other reasons as well. You may have an appliance that has failed to work and is leaking, such as a hot water heater or a washing machine. Your septic system may be experiencing problems and is backed up. A pipe may have burst, or you may have water seeping into your cellar or basement. Nearly any homeowner is at risk for water or flood damage, so it’s good to have a plan of action in mind.

Once you contact us, we will come out to assess the damage and provide you with an estimate as to how long it may take to fix the damage. Next, we will make sure there is no remaining standing water or moisture in your home. We will then thoroughly dry and dehumidify your home, and then clean and sanitize it. Lastly, we can begin the restorative process to get your home back to a habitable condition.

To learn more regarding how we can help with water and flood damage restoration in Oceanside, contact Hometown Restoration today at (760) 653-5400 to speak to a member of our team.