Even if you have a terrific homeowner’s insurance policy, when flood damage occurs, the immediate aftermath can be incredibly challenging to deal with. Many floods and other water damage types can make your home unlivable for a period, which can turn your life upside down. There is also the threat of mold. While all homes have some degree of spores, a house that has had recent flood damage is in danger of having damaging mold spores grow. If a house is dried out, cleaned, and restored adequately, then the mold’s ability to grow decreases. If you’ve experienced water and flood damage restoration in Encinitas, talk to the professionals at Hometown Restoration for help.

Once you call us, we will dispatch a tech to the site to survey and inspect the damage. From here, we can give you a solid idea of how long restoration might take and how much it may cost. After we begin, the first step is to remove all the standing water in the home. After that, we will dry and dehumidify all parts of the house. Next, we start a thorough cleaning and sanitizing process to ensure your house is cleaned properly after the damage. The next step is restoration so that your home can be fully functional and livable for you again. The days after a flood can be quite tough.

To find out more about water and flood damage restoration in Encinitas or make an appointment, contact us today at Hometown Restoration at (760) 653-5400. You can find out more details about our services or make an appointment for an estimate.