Unfortunately, accidents happen all the time, and even if motor vehicle accidents are not serious, they can cause quite a mess. Maybe you own a business or a house on a corner where there’s been an accident, and there are now pieces of glass, shrapnel, debris, and other potentially hazardous pieces that are now on your sidewalk or even in your yard. The question now arises, who’s responsible for cleaning up the mess? There isn’t always a clear answer, and typically, after cars are towed away, and the police have left the scene, you’re still left with a mess. If you need vehicle accident cleanup in San Diego, look to Hometown Restoration for all of your cleanup needs.

Our technicians are highly trained in many types of cleanup services and can help after a vehicle accident to ensure your yard or area is safe to enter again. In addition to debris such as glass and metal, there may also be other biohazards in the area, such as gasoline and oil, and we use special products to ensure safety and make sure that stains are removed so that your aesthetics are not affected.

We will also block off the area where they may be debris or glass, ensure no lasting debris or safety hazards, and ensure that the area is safe again. If your yard were affected, our technicians would go through it very carefully to make sure that there are no small unsafe pieces of debris or lasting biohazards.

To hear more about how we can help with vehicle accident cleanup in San Diego, contact us today at (760) 653-5400 for an appointment or to speak with us more about our services.