When you pay your home insurance every month, you’re likely annoyed that it’s another bill coming out of your budget. It’s not until there’s a serious storm or fire that you’re grateful for that insurance coverage. 

And while having home insurance that covers emergencies is helpful, the insurance won’t be the ones doing the storm damage cleanup. You have to arrange for that yourself. 

Don’t know where to start? Get our timeline for cleaning up after a storm, below. 

Storm Damage Cleanup Steps: 24-48 Hours After the Storm 

Never, under any circumstances, return to your home before the officials have declared it safe.

Trying to access your property before the storm or the immediate aftermath is over could be fatal. We know it’s hard to be patient when you’re waiting to see if your home and all your belongings are still standing, but your safety is of utmost importance. 

Once the authorities have declared it safe to return, you should follow all their safety recommendations. If they tell you to wear a mask, or protective footwear, or to keep small children away from the debris, do what they say. 

When you get back to your property, take it outside of your home or in your yard. If you have permission to enter your home, walk around slowly and take pictures of any damage inside. If there is extensive damage, it may be easier to take a video. 

These images act as evidence for your home insurance claims and help you apply for FEMA aid (if needed). 

The most common types of storm-related damage include: 

  • Broken windows or frames
  • Cracks in windows
  • Holes in walls
  • Cracked tiles
  • Missing shingles
  • Torn gutters 
  • Water damage evidence on ceilings or walls 
  • Interior flooding 
  • Evidence of interior flooding (water lines on walls, warped furniture)
  • Mold

Once you’ve taken pictures or videos of the damage, figure out where you’re staying while the damage is repaired. Even if the acute damage is over, like the flooding has drained, you still need to have the house checked for mold and leaks/unseen damage. 

48 Hours After Storm Damage 

Call your home insurance agent to begin the claims process once you have photos of the damage and a safe place to stay. If you insure locally, note that hold times may be longer than usual. The employees are doing all that they can to help you. 

With your claim started, it’s time to. . . 

Find a Storm Damage Cleanup Company

While it’s tempting to start cleaning up after a storm by yourself, you need to call professional storm damage cleanup services. They’re better equipped to deal with hazardous circumstances, have the proper PPE, and have contracted disposal methods for contaminated debris. 

They can test for mold, drain standing water, repair water damage, help remodel, and recover items in your home that weren’t damaged. Our company offers full-service cleanups.

Be sure to employ a company that has years of experience working with storm damage cleanup. That way, they’ll be professional and empathetic to your situation. 

Working with Hometown Restoration for Storm Cleanup 

If you’re looking for emergency restoration cleanup services in Carlsbad or the surrounding areas, we’d like to help. We do professional storm damage cleanup, fire restoration, biohazard cleaning, roof tarping, and more! 

Our experienced professionals can give you a quote for free – so you have nothing to lose. Call today