Finding mold in Campo inside your home is never a good thing. Mold spreads rapidly and affects everything from walls to furniture. Professional mold remediation can help stop spread the growth and restore your home to pre-loss conditions. Hometown Restoration has trained technicians that understand the mold removal process.

Mold is Everywhere

Mold spores are all around you in the air. They travel via airflow, get carried on clothing, and cannot be escaped. They are typically harmless, but when they have the perfect environment – moisture source, darkness, and a food source – colonies can spread quickly. If left alone, it ruins everything it touches and can affect the health of your family.

Mold Contamination Removal

There are several techniques involved when dealing with mold remediation. The techniques involved depend on how intensive the spread is and the surface area affected. If the item or area is nonporous, mold removal is more straightforward. If porous material such as carpeting that is covered in the mold, it most likely will need replacing. There are three main types of material we deal with:

  • Porous – insulation, drywall, and fabric are all examples of porous substances. So items such as carpeting get removed and disposed of. Controlled demolition allows for the removal of only the impacted areas on things such as drywall.
  • Non-porous – plastic, metal, and glass are nonporous. If there is no moisture, HEPA vacuums can be used to remove the mold from the surface. Damp wiping is another option.
  • Semi-porous – Wood, and concrete are semi-porous. Various methods are used in this case include dry brushing, damp wiping, and soda blasting.

If you are dealing with mold in Campo, Hometown Restoration has experts that handle mold remediation every day. Contact us today at (760) 274-8016 and let us give you back a clean, sanitized home.