You would not want your business to be without a fire sprinkler system, and of course, they are required by law. Sprinkler systems can be a literal lifesaver and prevent property loss when a fire hits your company. Business owners save millions of dollars annually by complying with state ordinances. You save on insurance and tax deductions when a sprinkler system is in place. But when they kick in, they leave a serious mess behind. Hometown Restoration offers commercial fire sprinkler emergency water damage cleanup in Del Mar.

Does a Sprinkler Flood a Business?

As soon as a fire is detected, the sprinkler system kicks in and prevents a fire’s spread. The sprinkler works during the “flash-over” phase of the fire. A sound sprinkler system reduces the amount of water used to put out the fire. Yes, a good amount of water gets used, hundreds of gallons – but that is nothing compared to what firefighters will use to douse a fire.

Sprinkler System Water Damage

Anytime you have flooding in your facility or moisture from water loss, it needs to be removed. When a sprinkler goes off, the water damage can affect:

  • Drywall
  • Carpet and flooring
  • Building material
  • Upholstery
  • Office content

Mold and mildew can result from any moisture that is not addressed, and it can happen faster than you think. Hiring a professional water restoration company is your best bet to make sure everything is handled correctly. Your insurance may actually require this.

Restoring Your Property

Hometown Restoration can return your business to pre-loss condition. We remove the water, dry the area, and do any necessary repairs to the facility. If you need commercial fire sprinkler emergency water damage cleanup in Del Mar, contact us at (760) 274-8016.