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Smoke Damage Restoration

No one wants to go through any kind of fire. Even a small, contained kitchen fire can send smoke throughout the entire home. The smoke residue can settle in clothing, behind walls, and in your HVAC system. This leaves a nasty smell in areas that weren’t directly affected bu the fire. The fire damage may be minor enough that you are sure you can handle it on your own. But use the wrong kind of cleaner on the soot, and your wall is ruined for good. Cleaning residue off of walls and surfaces with the wrong type of cleaning agent can cause more damage. Our smoke damage restoration services provide the expertise necessary to restore your home. At Hometown Restoration, we deal with all kinds of smoke damage.

Smoke Damage Restoration

Working with Smoke

Smoke damage restoration starts with a knowledge of smoke residue. There are four kinds of smoke residue:

  • Wet Smoke – caused by slow-burning low-temperature flames. Wet smoke has a strong odor and leaves a sticky residue. Difficult to clean.
  • Dry Smoke – This occurs with higher temperature fires. It leaves a dry, powdery residue. Cleaning is easy from flat surfaces, but it gets everywhere. If not totally removed, leaves a lingering, nasty smell.
  • Protein Smoke – Kitchen fires are common, and protein smoke residue foods and combustibles catch on fire. It is not easy to see, but it can discolor walls and surfaces if not removed. It has an extremely foul strong odor.
  • Fuel/Oil Smoke – This kind is a result of oil or oil-based products burning. Rarer than the others. It requires professional help to mitigate the damage.

Professional Fire Restoration Services

Smoke damage can be more damaging and insidious than you would imagine. It is not something a quick DIY project will fix. Our crews are trained in understanding smoke residues and which cleaning methods will get the job done the best for your situation

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