When damage happens to your sewer and sewage has entered your home, it poses one of the more serious safety hazards for you and your family. You may not know who to call or where to turn to in the hours immediately following the sewage spill or problem, and that’s perfectly normal. The good news is, there is help. If you need sewer damage restoration in San Diego, look to Hometown Restoration to help you get your home back to its normal, original condition.

One of the first things you should do is leave home so that our technicians can enter and provide a thorough assessment. After we do that, we can start the sewage removal process, which is similar to a removal process after a flood. We will extract all water and moisture using special vacuums and equipment and ensure no remaining moisture. This will also help prevent mold from growing. We will then dry and dehumidify your home. Next comes cleaning and sanitization, and deodorizing. We will clean all surfaces and make sure no hazards remain.

When it comes to restoration, we will inspect your home for any damages incurred by the sewage spill and fix them. This may include new carpeting or tile or hardwood flooring, new paint, or minor fixes around the home or outside. If you need new structural repairs, we may contract with local partners to ensure that your home is returned to its original condition before the sewage spill.

If you need help regarding sewer damage restoration in San Diego, contact us today at Hometown Restoration at (760) 653-5400 to speak to a member of our professional staff.