If you suddenly have a toilet overflow or a sewage backup somewhere in your home, you immediately know that you have a big problem on your hands. This is one of those areas where you may not know who to call because oftentimes, this is an issue too big for plumbers to handle. They may be able to fix the issue for you if it’s a plumbing concern, but they’re not prepared to handle the cleanup and sanitization you need to make your house safe again. If you need sewage removal & extraction services in San Diego, Hometown Restoration is here for you.

There are many reasons that a sewage backup or toilet overflow could suddenly happen. Many times, it has to do with a clog in the pipes. It could be from a foreign object being in the pipes or the wrong thing being flushed (such as paper towels). Often, clogs are caused by hair or grease. Sewage pipes made of cast iron can corrode and wear out. Rainfall can also cause sewage issues. No matter what caused the problem, what you need is someone to take care of it.

Contaminated water presents in three levels: clean water (level 1), gray water (level 2), and black water (level 3). We will treat every area of your home and remove all signs of contamination. Contaminated water and sewage have harmful bacteria in them, and we want to make sure we clean and sanitize. But, often before we get to that step, we want to make sure we treat this as a flood because mold is also a concern. We often treat your home with the water removal process first, and then the cleaning and sanitization. We also ensure any foul odors are removed from the home. If your home does require restoration, then that is the last step.

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