No one wants to deal with a toilet overflow that spreads sewage throughout the bathroom and possibly beyond. If you have a backed-up septic system, that can cause sewage to overflow into the home via the toilet as well. If you end up in a situation like this, you want to call in the professionals. Sewage can be contaminated with all kinds of nasty stuff. Vires, bacteria, and microbes that can make you ill. At Hometown Restoration, we provide residential sewage cleanup in Fairbanks Ranch. We are fast to the scene, typically within an hour. Our technicians have the experience and PPE needed to mitigate the damage properly.

Understanding Water Categories

There are three types of water restoration companies deal with on a daily basis. Understanding what threat each poses allows us to clean up the water loss properly. They are

  • Clean Water – this is potable water and poses no health threat. It usually comes from a burst pipe or broken water line.
  • Gray Water – considered dirty and not potable. It poses minimal health risks but can quickly turn to black water if left to sit.
  • Black Water – Highly contaminated. Sewage is considered black water and is a serious health threat.

Any standing water can escalate to black water, or category III. At Hometown Restoration, we use extraction pumps to remove sewage that are designed to handle water with debris in it. Once we have removed the sewage, we clean the area and sanitize it. Any impacted surfaces get treated with antimicrobials and antifungals. Everything is disinfected and restored to pre-loss condition.

Here When You Need Us

We provide 24-hour emergency services. We understand that disasters don’t always happen when it is convenient. Contact Hometown Restoration for residential sewage cleanup in Fairbanks Ranch any time of day or night. You can reach us at (760) 274-8016.