If you’ve had a sewage leak or spill in your home, you know immediately that it is a hazardous situation. You probably don’t need a professional to tell you that it’s best to vacate your home immediately and call a professional in since sewage can be very hazardous and toxic. Like any other type of water damage, when you call a professional in, they have to treat a sewage spill as flood damage and a biohazard spill, so they have to treat it from multiple angles to make your home safe again. If you require sewage cleanup in San Diego, look no further than Hometown Restoration.

There are three types of contaminated water: clean water, gray water, and black water, with black water being the most contaminated. Clean water isn’t actually “clean,” it is just the least contaminated of the three. You must treat all three as contaminated water, and all three should be considered toxic. It just depends on the type of sewage spill that you’re dealing with.

We come in and first remove all of the sewage and water, and be sure to remove all excess water. Then we go through a complete drying and dehumidifying process as if it were a regular flood. We then go through the cleaning and sanitization part, and in this stage, we go through extra disinfecting procedures because of the nature of the water, including a deodorizing stage. We then go into restoration if your home needs restorative repairs, such as new pipes or plumbing, new drywall, or new flooring. We want to restore your home to its original condition so that you’re comfortable again.

If you need emergency help with sewage cleanup in San Diego, contact Hometown Restoration today at (760) 653-5400 to speak to a member of our team or to get an estimate.