Sewage Cleanup Services Carlsbad, California

Anytime you have a sewage spill, whether from a backed-up toilet or septic problems, it needs to be dealt with immediately. The bacteria, viruses, and other microbes that are found within sewage can make you and your family very ill. Hometown Restoration has qualified professionals that are trained to mitigate emergencies such as this. If you need sewage cleanup in Carlsbad, our crew can safely clean and remove contaminated water.

Three Types of Contaminated Water

When it comes to any water damage cleanup, the first thing the technicians determine is what kind of water they are dealing with. They are:

  • Clean Water – this is water that comes from a clean source such as a burst pipe or leaky kitchen faucet. If it sits untreated, it can quickly turn to gray or black water.
  • Gray Water – this water comes from sources such as washing machines or dishwater overflow. They may contain viruses and bacteria but on a smaller level. Can quickly turn to black water.
  • Black Water – this is severely contaminated water. It can cause serious illness. Includes toilet overflow with feces, septic water, flooding from rivers and streams. Standing water that has been sitting long enough for microbial growth is in this category.
Sewage Cleanup

24 Hour Emergency Service

Because sewage water is contaminated, it is considered an emergency and should be dealt with as quickly as possible. That’s why Hometown Restoration is available 24/7, including holidays. We typically can arrive within the hour. Don’t let sewage wait, and don’t try to clean it up yourself. Black water can seep under floorboards and bathtubs, causing secondary water damage.

We are experts in dealing with sewage cleanup in Carlsbad. Our crews have the PPE gear, equipment, and training to provide the necessary cleanup. Contact Hometown Restoration at (760) 653-5400 for any emergency water damage services.