The process of having to go through the restoration of your home after an emergency can become overwhelming. Finding the right company to handle the job doesn’t have to be. Here at Hometown Restoration, our company has been providing excellent emergency restoration cleanup services in San Diego for home and business owners.

Another stressful part of dealing with the restoration of your home is handling insurance claims. We work directly with your company to ensure everything is filed correctly and promptly to ensure you get the most benefits possible.

Discover more information below on how we can assist with everything from water damage to exposure to infectious substances.

Water Damage

The longer you allow water to stay in the home, the more damage it will do. Our experts are certified in water removal technology and techniques to thoroughly dry the house as soon as possible.

Fire Damage

When a fire is present in the office or your home, the damage comes from all different directions. That is why it’s crucial to get a fire damage restoration team onsite as soon as you can. Our certified fire damage restoration team is here to help as soon as it’s safe to enter the building.

Mold Remediation

Don’t let mold go if you think there’s an issue. It can quickly become a significant problem that impacts the health of your family. Contact our experts here at Hometown Restoration for more information on how we can remediate your home.

Trauma and Biohazard Cleanup

It is a horrible situation to deal with a crime, suicide, or unattended death in the home or office. That’s why our experts are here. Unique processes must be taken to secure the location after biohazard contamination. You can rely on our specialists to clear everything out, including infectious disease exposure.

Don’t wait any longer to give the experts a call at (760) 653-5400. We’re available around the clock to help with emergency restoration cleanup services in San Diego.