Hoarding is much more serious than we realize. It’s not the general term most of us think of when people “hoard” clothes or collectibles. It goes beyond that into a mental medical condition where people keep things that have no practical meaning, such as trash, dirty dishes, and old newspapers. Approximately 6% of the US population is affected to some degree. Many times no one knows a person is a hoarder. But it can be a safety hazard and impossible to overcome on your own. This is why Hometown Restoration offers hoarding cleanup in Escondido.

Fire Risk

Hoarding creates piles of combustible material. Wall-to-wall trash is not only a fire risk in itself but also blocks exits. Those in the home cannot quickly get out in an emergency, and first responders cannot get in. Stoves, lamps, and fireplaces have items piled near them, doubling the danger. Hoarding draws rodents that can chew wires, causing electrical fires.

Poor Air Quality

When clutter sits, it accumulates dust. Waste and rotten food produce strong odors and can release ammonia into the air. Because air circulation is often blocked in these homes, carbon dioxide poisoning is possible. Noxious air is a health hazard, and we have the PPE to handle it.


Vermin love hoarding situations. Mice, rats, cockroaches, and fleas are drawn to homes like this. This means not only are they infesting the place, but they leave behind feces and urine, which can be toxic. They breed and feed at will. This soon turns into a deadly environmental issue where disease can spread rapidly.

Practical Living Impossible

Often utilities end up being cut off to hoarders. They don’t use their appliances, such as an oven, for what they were intended for but instead as a storage place. Bills go unpaid because they are buried somewhere. Lack of things like running water creates health issues.

Hometown Restoration understands you can’t overcome this on your own. If you, or a family member, needs help with hoarding cleanup in Escondido, contact us at (760) 274-8016.