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Professional Roof Tarping Services

Roof tarping service is generally employed on the roofs of homes and structures harmed by severe weather. This option includes covering damaged roofs with a temporary cover-up until you can completely fix them.

Roof tarps are excellent to protect your property against foul elements, moisture, and infestations of pests. Prior to repair work can be arranged, laying the roof is your straight line of protection. If you find that the roof is leaking, you really need to make every effort to prevent water from entering your home.

Falling trees, fires, powerful winds, and hailstorm storms usually cause roof damage. Safety must be your first factor to consider. The initial roof evaluation needs to be done from the ground, due to the fact that damage is not always visible. If you believe your shingles or structural damage, please call us promptly.

Hometown Restoration contractors take their time to examine the damaged area and utilize the proper tools to repair your roof perfectly and avoid any further damage on your roof or the structure of your property.

When assessing and fixing the roof, covering the roof with a tarp can protect against additional damage. Hometown Restoration delivers the best possible emergency roof tarp installation. When a disaster strikes, we are ready to respond to your roof tarp needs quickly.

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Roof Tarping Can Save Your Home from Further Damage

If you have roof damage, a hole in your roof, shingle, or tile that has broken and requires immediate attention, do not wait until more damage takes place! A simple call to Hometown Restoration, a licensed and insured General B Contractor, will help you with the immediate attention your roof needs. If you need help, we are here for you!

Board up or tarp over? Which do you need?

Cracked, broken, particles or wind-damaged windows and doors.
Tarp over
Roofing surface areas, including areas that may appear intact to the naked eye but present seepage and/or security concerns.
Preventative board-up, as well as a tarp over services prior to a windstorm, tornadoes, or natural disasters, might be a sound financial investment in hazard-prone areas for extra protection versus severe weather conditions.

When it comes to board ups and tarp overs, Hometown Restoration has you covered– 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us today to learn more about readily available solutions for keeping your house protected.