A fire or flood can cause extensive damage to your home or business. You need help, and you need it fast. Hometown Restoration can provide emergency mitigation for those situations. Our teams are typically there within an hour of your call. Depending on the total extent of the damage, restoration can involve everything from repairing structural elements to cleaning carpets. Often when the problem is severe, the content must be moved off-site for cleaning and recovery. Hometown has restoration content storage in Carlsbad for just that purpose.

Warehouse Storage & Cleanup

When on-site cleaning is not possible, the content of your home must get moved. In the case of both fire and flood water extraction is the initial step. Everything must get dried before moving it to avoid secondary damage, such as mold.  As the mitigation process begins, our team can pack up the content of your that needs to be cleaned. Items that might be in the way could be included in the pack out. Either way, there are specific steps we take to ensure your belongings get treated carefully. This includes:

  • Detailed inventory
  • Photographing items
  • Clearly labeled boxes

At the warehouse, the content is carefully stored and prepared for restoration. Each item gets assessed for the type of cleaning it requires. Once everything is cleaned and restored, we store it at the warehouse until your home is finished. We then return your items to you.

If you need flood, fire, mold infestation, or biohazard cleanup, Hometown Restoration has the trained technicians, advanced technology, and equipment to take care of the problem. Our restoration content storage in Carlsbad is part of the process. Contact us at (760) 653-5400 for more information.