When an emergency happens inside of your home, it’s more than disruptive—it can be incredibly traumatic, especially when it’s something serious like water damage. Water damage can range from mild to severe, and many things can cause water damage, but when it happens, you may be feeling confused and unsure of where to turn when it comes to clean up and the next steps. If you need residential water damage restoration in San Diego, Hometown Restoration is here for you.

Numerous things cause water damage. Weather and storms are, of course, of them. Still, flooding can also be caused by faulty appliances, such as washing machines or dishwashers, groundwater seepage, plumbing issues, and septic problems, so a flood can easily strike at any time. Once you have water damage in your home or standing water, it’s important to get a professional cleanup and restoration crew in as soon as possible because of the prevalence of mold. Mold is literally everywhere, but in an area where there is moisture or standing water, mold will grow and thrive, and this can be potentially very damaging to your health.

We can first come out to your residence and do a full assessment of the damage. We can then start the water removal process, which includes removing all moisture. We then dry and dehumidify your residence and follow with a series of cleaning and sanitization protocols. Next, we begin the restoration process. For everyone, that’s different. You may need painting or a few small repairs. In the event of larger repairs, we work with our partners to ensure your house is back to its original condition.

To learn more about residential water damage restoration in San Diego, contact Hometown Restoration today at (760) 653-5400, and we’ll dispatch a team to you as soon as possible.