Residential Sewage Cleanup – Carlsbad

A sewage backup can cause raw sewage to come spilling out of your toilet and into your bathroom. Floodwaters can carry contaminated waters into your home containing everything from dead animals to deadly bacteria. Each situation is unique, but the potential biohazards are the same. It is wise to bring in professional residential sewage cleanup in Carlsbad to mitigate the damage. Hometown Restoration has qualified crews, PPE gear, and equipment to handle the job in the right way.

Dealing with Contaminated Water

There are three types of water when it comes to water intrusions and water damage. They are:

  • Clean Water – this is from clean sources such as a water main or a burst pipe.
  • Gray water – this comes from dishwashers, toilet water with urine only, washing machines.
  • Black water – floodwaters, sewage, standing water with bacteria.

Clean and gray water can quickly become black water if left unattended for any length of time. Sewage is black water and has the potential to cause severe illness from the bacteria, microbes, and viruses floating within the mess. Mold is another problem that can cause health issues and can develop rapidly if the moisture is not cleaned up promptly.

Emergency Mitigation

Hometown Restoration can provide emergency mitigation when you have a sewage problem in your home. Our crew arrives in the proper gear and begin removing the sewage. The first step is always water extraction. Drying takes place next. Contaminated drywall and other porous material need to be dried before removal. Once that is complete, our technicians move on to disinfecting and sanitizing the affected areas.

Hometown Restoration understands what your home means to you. You need prompt action, which is why we typically can arrive within an hour of your call. Our residential sewage cleanup in Carlsbad returns your home to pre-loss continued. Contact us at (760) 653-5400 for professional fire, water, and sewage damage restoration.