In minutes, a burst pipe can send gallons of water flooding your home or business. You now have a zone within your property that is filling with water. Leaks, burst pipes, and appliance failure can cause water damage. That’s when you need professional residential water damage restoration in Bonsall.

Carpets & Flooring

Carpets and flooring are one of the hardest-hit things when flooding occurs in a home. Getting water damage mitigation right away is crucial if these are to be saved. Carpeting and padding can often be cleaned and restored when there is water damage in your home. Wood and other types of flooring can be restored as well. Of course, this depends on the extent of the water damage and whether or not delamination has taken place.

Powerful Equipment Gets the Job Done

Hometown Restoration uses powerful air movers, dehumidifiers, and industrial-strength fans to dry out your home. We have a variety of pumps that extract gallons of waters in a short time. Moisture meters and other specialty equipment find hidden moisture.

Restoring Your Home

At Hometown Restoration, we use advanced technology and expertise to return your home to pre-loss condition. Any water intrusion that causes flooding should be handled by professionals to prevent secondary damage. Mold is an excellent example of what can happen when water sits for more than 24 hours.

Hometown Restoration can provide all your residential water damage restoration needs in Bonsall. Contact us at (760) 274-8016 or visit us online.