Cannabis grow houses can be a legitimate business or one that is operated illegally. In either case, it can be hard on the facility. Often landlords discover their rental has been used as a growing facility for marijuana, and grow house cleanup in Ranchita is required. It can be a messy, hazardous job, but our professionals at Hometown Restoration are trained to handle the job.

Health Issues Can Be a Problem

If you are thinking about doing the cleanup yourself, you might want to think again. Mold grows very quickly in grow houses due to the increased humidity and moisture required for healthy plants. The results are not so healthy for individuals. Mold can cause any number of health issues as well as destroy your building materials.

It is also common to see that chemical residue is often a problem. Fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals are used in the cannabis growing process. The vapors are toxic, and the chemicals can erode surfaces. The proper PPE should always be worn when working in these circumstances. Removing the odors resulting from the chemicals and plants is another part of the cleanup process, as these can be toxic.

Safety Concerns

At Hometown Restoration, we understand the safety issues and know what to look for. Houses that have been used to grow cannabis can have breaches in the foundation, floor stains, and serious electrical issues. Structural elements can be damaged, cracked, or rotted.

Let the Professionals Help

Recovering a building that has been used to grow cannabis is something the professionals should handle due to all the potential hazards. This type of situation calls for certified mold training, the proper PPE, and the right training. Hometown Restoration has the experience needed to provide grow house cleanup in Ranchita. Contact us at (760) 274-8016 for more information.