At Hometown Restoration, we understand the impact traumatic crime scenes can have on individuals, whether the incident took place in a home or a business. It can be particularly devastating if death is involved. No one can foresee something as dramatic as this. Body fluid and blood cleanup is not something the average person should ever have to undertake. Hometown Restoration can mitigation the damage quickly and discreetly once the police investigation is finished and permission is given to go ahead. If you need crime scene cleanup in Encinitas, we can help.

Professional & Experienced Bio-Hazard Cleanup

When our technicians arrive on the scene, they adhere to OSHA regulations and all state and federal guidelines. We remove any biohazard material safely and properly dispose of it. The area is clean, decontaminated, and disinfected. It is not advised to attempt to clean up a crime scene yourself. Bloodborne pathogens can cause health issues. Blood and flesh left unattended can end up in places you can’t see right away, can cause odors, and draw rodents and insects. Attempting to clean a situation like this is also an emotionally stressful one. We can do provide crime scene cleanup for:

  • Homes
  • Vehicles
  • Businesses
  • Communities

Caring & Discreet

We sympathize with anyone who has to go through a situation that would create a crime scene. Our technicians are discreet and caring. We do our best to stay in the background while mitigating the damage as quickly as possible. We sincerely hope you never have to call s for any kind of trauma cleanup, but if you do, we are available 24/7. Contact Hometown Restoration at (760) 274-8016 for professional crime scene cleanup in Encinitas.