Handling a restoration project on your own Is not an easy task. Whenever you have faced water damage or fire damage, it is best to hire professionals such as the team here at Hometown Restoration. Our company has been providing award-winning emergency restoration cleanup services in Poway for years. We work with area residential and commercial customers to help restore your home to normalcy and safety.

We understand that this is a very trying time, and we work directly with your insurance company throughout the process. This alleviates you from having to file the claim on your own and helps to ensure that you get the most benefit possible.

Our company covers everything from exposure to COVID-19 to remediating your home from mold or fire damage. Discover more about our services by reading below.

Water Damage

Water damage can take place whenever water enters the home either through natural disasters or through a busted type. No matter the cause, it is important that the water is removed completely and thoroughly. With our water removal technicians, you can rest assured that every drop of water is dried out, and your home will be returned to normal as soon as possible.

Fire Damage

Damage from a fire in the home can come from a variety of factors, including smoke, soot, and even the chemicals used to put out the fire. Every second is valuable when it comes to fire restoration. Contact our team as soon as possible to learn about our fire restoration methods and to start getting your home back to normal.

Mold Remediation

If you suspect a mold infestation issue in your home, it is essential to contact a certified inspector. Once you’ve had your evaluation, our team can come out and provide removal service and remediation.

Trauma and Biohazard Cleanup

Our technicians also provide service to take care of any biohazard cleanup that is necessary. This could be due to infectious disease exposure, a death in the home, or an unfortunate crime scene that is now in your business or home. Our compassionate team is here to provide certified biohazard cleanup processes that make your home or office safe to enter once again.

Contact our office today at (760) 275-8016 for more information on emergency restoration cleanup services in Poway.