When it comes to a restoration company that you can count on, that team is here at Hometown Restoration. For years we have been providing award-winning emergency restoration cleanup services in Potrero. From exposure to COVID-19 to dealing with water damage from natural disasters, our experts are here to help both residential and commercial clients get back to normal as soon as possible.

Our team understands that working with your insurance company can be quite overwhelming. This is exactly why our company works directly with your insurance company to ensure that you get the maximum benefits and that your claim is filed properly and on time.

Discover more about our service offerings below, and contact our team today if you need any of our services listed.

Water Damage

Water can enter your home through either natural disasters or a busted pipe in the residence. It is vital that the water is removed as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Working with certified water removal specialists like our team here at Hometown Restoration can do just that. We work using industry-proven methods and most up-to-date technology and equipment to completely dry your home.

Fire Damage

Damage from having a fire in the home or office can come from multiple factors. Time is crucial when it comes to restoration from a fire. Call our team at Hometown Restoration as soon as the home is deemed safe too board up and remove toxic fumes.

Mold Remediation

Dealing with mold in your home is not something you want to put on the backburner. Hire A certified mold inspector as soon as you can when you suspect that you have a mold problem. If the inspector states that mold is the issue, our team is here to help remove the mold and remediate your home.

Trauma and Biohazard Cleanup

Traumatic experiences can take place in both the office and the home. You need access to a certified biohazard team to help deal with the aftermath. Whether it was a crime scene in the home or unattended death, our compassionate technicians are here to help.

Call us today at (760) 653-5400 if you need emergency restoration cleanup services in Potrero.