Mold can be a serious problem, and it’s one of the toughest to tackle because it’s present nearly everywhere in nature—indoors and out—and it’s often invisible to the naked eye. In severe cases and in areas of heavy moisture (such as a house that’s recently had a flood and wasn’t cleaned properly afterward), you can often smell and see mold growth, but sometimes you can’t see it at all. Sometimes mold grows in walls. Some homes have problems like black mold. If your home has a significant mold problem, it typically requires the three Rs: removal, remediation, and restoration to ensure your home is safe again. If you need mold restoration in San Diego, Hometown Restoration can help.

The first step to combating mold is understanding it. If you can see mold growth with your naked eye, you already likely have a serious problem. What we do first is come out t your home and assess the problem. In many homes that have significant mold issues, there is a water issue. Whether it’s just high levels of moisture or there has been water damage in the past, we need to find what the issue is and isolate it. Once that is found, we need to contain the mold to where it is and remove it. However, removal isn’t enough. We also need to make sure that mold is out of the air – removing it from surfaces won’t stop it from coming back. Next, we have to deep clean the contents of your home and belongings to make sure there aren’t any spores left “hanging on” waiting to multiply.

Lastly, restoration can begin. This is different for each home. It often includes replacing contaminated drywall or carpets or making other small repairs to remove and replace mold-contaminated components.

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