If you’ve recently had water damage in your home, or your home is naturally prone to moisture, your home may be prone to mold problems. There is a big difference between the existence of mold and a mold problem. The truth is—mold is everywhere, and every house has mold. Mold is present in nature and every home and structure. It is when mold becomes a problem that it can become hazardous to your health. This is when you may want to seek inspection and testing, and ultimately, removal and remediation. If you’ve been thinking about mold remediation in San Diego, look no further than Hometown Restoration for all of your mold removal services.

If you visually can see the growth of mold in your home or small it, you already know that you have a mold problem. We still need to perform testing and inspection to see what type of mold it is, but half the battle is already won. However, if you believe you have mold but can’t see it or smell it, we need to perform a more thorough inspection to see where mold might be growing in your home and on what surfaces.

Once we locate where the mold is growing, then it’s time to remove it, and this involves a whole remediation process, that is if you want to help prevent the chance of mold returning. There is no way to promise that we can remove all mold since mold is everywhere or that mold won’t return. Still, our remediation methods effectively contain mold, remove it, and make sure it doesn’t return toxic levels.

Once we have contained it, we remove it, and we also use an air filtration system to ensure that mold is also no longer lingering in the air at your residence. We may also have to clean your belongings as well as thoroughly. Your home may also need restorative services (such as replacing drywall) to complete the process.

To learn more about mold remediation in San Diego, contact Hometown Restoration today at (760) 653-5400 to make an appointment for an inspection or an estimate.