Mold is a common problem in any type of structure, and can even occur in newer homes. Homeowners (or prospective homeowners) have their homes tested for mold for many reasons. Very often, mold spores can’t be seen by the naked eye, but if mold is found, then the next step of remediation comes into play. This process means more than just mold removal—mold can occur any time oxygen and moisture are present. Remediation refers to the steps taken for removal of mold and the prevention of its regrowth. If you need mold remediation, Hometown Restoration can help.

Mold Remediation

Mold can grow nearly anywhere in the home, but the most common places include places that are moist. This could be a cellar or basement, a laundry room, or any other place where moisture is present. Common surfaces that are home to mold spores include insulation, drywall, tile, wood, and fabric.

Once your house has been tested for mold and the test is positive, the inspector will then have to calculate to see the extent of the spread. Some mold contamination problems are confined to one area, while in other cases, the black mold could be throughout the house (which is a grave problem). Once the extent of the problem is known, then remediation can begin.

A remediation plan begins with the steps for removal, but also a plan in place to prevent the regrowth of mold. This could be as simple as running a dehumidifier in a moist basement, or it could be as complicated as re-insulated or reapplying drywall to a part of the home. If you have found mold in a house you plan to buy, you want to ensure that the remediation plan has been successful.

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