There are many different reasons why you may want to have a mold inspection and testing conducted. Perhaps you’re in the market for a new home, and you want to ensure that the house is mold-free before you move in (most mortgage companies these days make this a requirement as well). Perhaps you feel like you have allergies and your primary care doctor or allergist can’t pinpoint what’s causing the problem, or you have frequent colds. Or, maybe you just have a sneaking suspicion that there’s mold growing in your home somewhere. No matter what the reasoning behind your need for mold inspection and testing is, Hometown Restoration can help.

Mold Inspection And Testing

Why test for mold?

There are a few reasons that people test for mold. One of the most common reasons is a real estate transaction—most mortgages won’t offer you financing until a thorough home inspection is performed, and home inspectors call on mold inspectors to conduct the specialized testing.

Sometimes, a homeowner can detect that there’s mold in the home. Either the homeowner can see the presence of mold (such as in a basement or other damp or moist area) or can smell a moldy or mildew smell. Smelling mold can often be scary because you can’t see where it’s growing, so it can be a cause for concern.

Some homeowners may have recurrent and unexplainable illnesses, so they get mold testing and inspection for peace of mind or to rule mold out. Houses that have had flooding or other recent water damage are also very prone to mold issues.

Testing usually involves a full visual inspection of the property, as well as sir and surface samples. Additional air and surface samples can also be taken, should they be needed. Samples are analyzed at an independent lab, which is an important point, especially if there is a pending real estate transaction.

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