If you think you may have a mold problem, then you have a serious concern that should be dealt with as soon as possible. While mold exists in nature nearly everywhere you look, including in most buildings, it can be harmful in some environments, such as homes or businesses that have recently had water damage or that have moist spaces within the home (such as a damp basement). If you can visibly see mold growing or smell it, that’s a pretty sure sign you have a mold problem. Hometown Restoration is proud to offer you mold consultation & remediation in San Diego to help you eliminate the problem once and for all.

Many companies promise to remove mold for good, and they may likely have removed the mold that you had, but the problem is, if you don’t solve the problem that’s causing the mold, it will just immediately grow back. This is why the words removal and remediation (or abatement) aren’t interchangeable. When you remove mold, you also have to put techniques that will prevent mold from growing again.

For instance, when we remove mold, we also use a filtering system that filters out the air. We also contain and isolate mold in all areas of your home and perform a thorough inspection. While you may see mold in one area of your home, it may also be lurking in walls. This is why a complete inspection is a must. Those walls may have to be removed, and a partial restoration may have to be completed to fix the problem. Without putting proper fixes into place, mold will keep returning, and you’ll have to keep calling for mold removal.

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