Small fires happen more often than a raging blaze. While these fires may inflict little direct fire damage, they can spread smoke residue thought the home. The result is that soot goes everywhere and settles into every nook and cranny in your home. When that happens, you need skilled technicians for smoke damage restoration in Crest.

Can I Take Wipe Down My Walls to Get Rid of Soot?

Many things can cause residential fires, such as faulty appliances, but kitchen fires are the most common cause. If the fire was contained, you might think wiping down the walls yourself is the easiest to do. But there are different types of soot. If you clean your walls with the wrong cleaner, you can end up doing more damage. Hometown Restoration understands soot. Here are some things you should know:

  • Any smoke residue that has settled is soot.
  • The microscopic particles can spread quickly.
  • Soot is acidic, and when skin touches it, it worsens the problem.
  • Soot causes hidden damage.
  • Specific chemicals are needed to neutralize soot.
  • Each type of soot requires a different cleaning agent.
  • If left untreated, it causes deterioration of the material it covers.
  • Soot has a powerful odor.

We use HEPA filters in our HEPA vacuums, powerful cleaning agents, and dry sponges to remove soot and smoke residue from your home. We address the foul odors with deodorizing agents that neutralize the smoke at the microscopic particle level. Time-released products help with bad smells as well.

Hometown Restoration has professional technicians trained in smoke damage restoration in Crest. We have advanced technology and industrial strength equipment to mitigate the situation. We know how disruptive even the smallest fires can be to your home and do everything we can to restore it to the pre-loss condition. Contact us at (760) 274-8016 for more information.