water damage restoration HoustonThere are a number of measures to water damage restoration that need to be handled by a certified experienced, licensed water restoration specialist. Hometown Restoration is available to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; and while not all belongings are able to be restored, our Houston water clean-up service can make a world of difference in helping you rebuild.

Hometown Restoration is one of the fastest-growing restoration companies in the Houston area. We are a water damage company that provides services for home and business water damage sufferers. If you are experiencing an emergency and need water damage repair promptly and done professionally, call Hometown Restoration today! We offer an end-to-end client experience that includes seamless communication, budgeting, staffing, on-site organization, and strong, quality handiwork every time.

We will be with you through every part of the water damage repair procedure including the water extraction, water restoration, and many various other water removal services that are suited to your circumstance. We use all accessible water mitigation services to give you the very best residential or industrial property restoration.

Home or Business Damaged by Water? We Can Be There In 60 Minutes!

  • Water Restoration, Extraction, Mitigation & Cleanup
  • Rapid Drying Of Carpets, Floors & Walls
  • Complete Water Damage Restoration & Repairs
  • Mold, Mildew Treatment & Remediation
  • Carpets, Furniture Restored To Original Condition
  • Plumbing, Water Leak Extraction & Repair
  • Contents Restoration & Pack-Out Services
  • Insurance Claim Paperwork Assistance

We Will Work With All Major Insurance Companies & Assist You With Your Claim

Houston Water Damage Restoration

water damage cleanup Houston TexasIn no time whatsoever water can seep into every little thing and create huge amounts of damage. Even just an inch of water is enough to warp floorboards, ruin cabinets, saturate carpets, and ruin furniture and possessions. If the water is promptly managed and eliminated by a professional company, a lot of those belongings can actually be recovered. If the water is allowed to sit around for a while or is not thoroughly removed and dried out, the damage can be worse and much more expensive to repair. Standing water or saturated walls can advance the growth of mold, which calls for more complex remediation to totally eliminate it from the property. You need to address the water problem as promptly as feasible to prevent even more problems from occurring.

Hometown Restoration can remove all of the water with our state-of-the-art restoration and drying equipment, as well as detect and find any type of moisture that might be hidden from view. We can take care of broken or leaking pipes, sink overflow, toilet overflow, tub overflow, refrigerator, washing machine, water heater, or dishwasher overflow, a/c unit leaks, sump pump breakdown, hardwood floor water damage, crawl space water damage, or any other flooding disaster that comes your way. Our residential property water damage restoration specialists in Los Angeles CA are geared up to handle any complication of any kind of size 24 hours, day or night.

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

water damage removal process in Houston TexasOnce we arrive we will do a quick evaluation to assess the situation and then get straight to the extraction and restoration process. Our qualified water damage clean-up technicians, furnished with the very best equipment available, will proceed with the extraction and drying of all affected components, areas, and structures. If they are removed fast enough, it is possible to salvage carpets, papers, furnishings, and personal belongings. Hometown Restoration tries to do everything we can in order to save your valuable belongings. We use nothing but the best monitoring and detection tools such as moisture detectors, air movers, blowers, dehumidifiers, and cleaning products we can get your residential or commercial property back to its pre-loss condition as rapidly as possible.

If your residential or business property has been the victim of a property loss, whether it’s from water, fire, or mold, then our team of service professionals is your best resource for getting your property back to its original condition. We are a locally owned and operated company, available 24/7 for every single situation. We’re completely licensed, insured, and use the best in eco-friendly products so you do not have anything to worry about.

Restoration For Frozen and Burst Water Pipes in Houston, Texas

frozen pipe break water damage in HoustonDropping winter temperatures can trigger extensive water damage as pipes begin to freeze and break, creating damage to walls, ceilings, floorings, carpets, furniture, and other possessions. In fact, a small crack in your water pipe can leak plenty of water to flood your house. In fact, in just one day, 250 gallons of water can be released from a pipe crack as small as 1/8 inch. So, it is crucial to be proactive and do something about it to protect your house.

Immediate Strategies to Prevent Water Damage from Frozen Pipes

Before severe weather strikes, prepare your home to prevent water damage before it occurs. When temperatures dip, take prompt action to prevent water damage:

  • Open kitchen and bathroom cabinets to allow warm air to flow around water pipes.
  • Open faucets throughout the house to allow water to drip and to keep water pipes from freezing.
  • When going out of town, keep the thermostat at 55 degrees and ask a trusted neighbor or friend to watch your residence for possible leaks. Also, turn your water off and drain water supply lines.

Keep in mind that homeowners’ insurance companies are much more apt to pay your water damage insurance claim if you can show that you have indeed done your due diligence and kept your property in a reasonable manner.

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We provide on-site evaluations to help you know the full scope of your project and will certainly work with insurance if needed.

Long-term Strategies to avoid Water Damage

Long-term strategies for water damage prevention involve routine home maintenance year-round. Pipes in the water supply system that are subjected to cold outside air are more likely to freeze and rupture. The main water pipe carrying water to your residence is an example of such a pipe. Exterior wall water pipes, along with attic pipes, cellar or crawlspace pipes, and garage pipes, are more liable to freeze and burst. With this in mind,

  • Check your water supply system on a regular basis for feasible leaks, fractures, and regular wear and tear.
  • Address property maintenance concerns promptly before they get out of hand.
  • Winterize and shield water pipes to decrease the likelihood of water damage from frozen and burst pipes in your house.
  • Seal and caulk both air and water leaks to prevent water pipes from freezing and bursting.
  • Think about adding insulation to your attic, basement or crawlspace.

Prevent Frozen Pipes from Bursting

When pipes freeze in ice-cold weather and then thaw out as temperature levels rise, frozen pipes have a tendency to crack and burst, which creates water leaks and flooding. If you uncover a frozen pipe in your house, you can still prevent it from bursting and causing water damage.

  • Shut off the main water supply.
  • Turn and leave your water taps on.
  • Remove belongings and family possessions from the area that might be exposed to water damage if the frozen pipe bursts.
  • Turn on the tap closest to the frozen pipe and gradually thaw out the ice in the frozen pipe by thawing it with a heat pack. Begin applying heat at the area that is closest to the tap and slowly moves further away in the direction of the rest of the frozen pipe.

Additional Information For Wintertime Water Damage Prevention

Frozen Pipes– Prevention and Thawing
Call Hometown Restoration When Frozen Pipes Burst
If you are faced with an emergency water damage situation in your home or business property, give Hometown Restoration a phone call. When dealing with water damage emergencies, prompt attention to the situation will minimize damage and help prevent additional loss. For an immediate remedy to any kind of frozen pipe situation, call us immediately.

Sewage Back-up Clean-up in Houston

Sewage removal is a dangerous process because of the toxic microbes that may be present in raw sewage waste. Coming in contact with raw sewer can create disease, can ruin your valuables, and cause severe damage to your property. It’s very crucial that you do not try to clean up a mess from busted pipes that are linked to a sewer line. You always need to have experienced sewage damage specialists with particular equipment that helps keep you and your family safe during the sewage clean-up process. Our goal for our clients is to recover your home or business following a sewage damage disaster in order to limit downtime and expense.

Sewage damage can be one of the most unhealthy damage you can have. We will be there until the entire project is complete. Not only do we have the equipment to eliminate sewage damage, but we also have the disinfectants, chemicals, and training to make the affected area safe once more for you and your family members. If your sewer or septic system is giving you problems, 411 Restoration will certainly get the job done promptly and professionally.

Our water damage company will additionally handle your sewage clean-up and removal. A problem with your sewer system can cause dangerous problems. Along with the foul stench developed, other problems such as fungi, viruses, and other pathogens can develop serious health hazards. If sewage problems continue to be untreated, they can cause major structural damage which can be incredibly pricey to repair.