The problem with mold is that any space within your home can become infested quickly, given the right conditions. Whenever you notice that you have mold developing, you need to call in the help of the pros to handle your home mold removal. Our team at Hometown Restoration can come out to take a look in order to provide the rapid results that you are looking for.

How Does Mold Develop?

Mold spores are present just about anywhere. However, when moisture is high, and the right conditions develop, mold spores begin to colonize and multiply at a rapid rate. If you have had some sort of plumbing leak, water intrusion from your roof, or poor ventilation, you could have potential mold and mildew growth to worry about. Mold can start to spread within 48 to 72 hours after a water loss incident. Once this happens, your family and pets are subject to potential health effects that can become dangerous.

Home Mold Removal

When to Call For Home Mold Removal

Should you begin to suspect that you have a mold problem anywhere within your home, you can call our team of mold remediation professionals at Hometown Restoration. We will come in to inspect your property to form an assessment of your needs. Should we find mold present, we can put together a plan of action to clean it up fast.

Not only can we handle the mold present within your home, but we also know the best practices for handling the relative humidity within the impacted space. It is crucial that you address the current conditions, or you could see another outbreak of mold shortly after the cleanup is complete. Our microbial remediation technicians and water damage restoration team will ensure that the entire area is not only dry but that everything is also thoroughly sanitized and deodorized.

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