Marijuana grow houses require extensive amounts of moisture and humidity to ensure proper plant growth. Humidity control is vital to maintaining the facility and preventing damage, such as mold growth. At Hometown Restoration, our team provides a variety of services, including quality grow house crop sensitive mitigation in Carlsbad.

Professional Mitigation is a Must

The amount of humidity in a grow house can lead to hazardous situations. You need someone to work alongside you who understands the dangers of water damage and mold. Our experts at Hometown Restoration work with you to provide stable humidity levels.

Mold & Chemicals Can Be Toxic

Health issues become a problem when mold growth gets out of control, which can happen rapidly in an environment like a grow house. Chemicals used on the plants can leave toxic residue on surfaces, which can impact your health and damage materials it comes in contact with. You want a team that can provide the right mitigation while being crop-sensitive. What you don’t want is to let the problem go untreated. In very little time, the danger to you and anyone in the facility grows.

Specialists on Hand

Because of the biohazards related to the cannabis industry, specialized training is needed. The right protective gear and equipment are crucial as well. Attempting cleanup on your own is not wise. Using a restoration company to help monitor the situation is a good idea. Hometown Restoration has the crew of specialists to provide proper mitigation, inspections, and restoration involved with grow houses.

For grow house crop sensitive mitigation in Carlsbad that you can depend on, then give our team at Hometown Restoration a call at (760) 653-5400.