Whether you have experienced a kitchen fire that was contained quickly or a fire that damaged much of your home, professional fire & smoke damage is recommended. If the fire was small, you might think wiping down walls and airing out the room is enough. But smoke residue settles into the cracks and crevices and permeates throughout the entire home. Cleaning soot off of walls and surfaces with the wrong type of cleaning agent can cause more damage. Our fire & smoke damage repair are professionals who can help, and we mitigate all levels of fire damage.

Understanding Smoke Residue

Understanding Smoke Residue

  • Fire damage repair begins by understanding smoke resides. There are four different types that we deal with:
  • Wet Smoke – this can be the most difficult to clean. It is caused by low-temperature flames that burn slowly. It creates a sticky film on surfaces and has a strong odor.
  • Dry Smoke – Higher temperatures leave a fine powder. This is easily cleaned from flat surfaces. The challenge comes from removing it from cracks, groves, and other crevices. It has a nasty odor that stays around if you don’t get it all removed.
  • Protein Smoke – Kitchen fires are widespread, and protein smoke residue occurs when meat, chicken, and other foods catch on fire. The soot is light-colored, but if left to sit, it can discolor walls and surfaces. It has a very foul strong odor.
  • Petroleum/Fuel Smoke – a result of oil or oil-based products burning. The smoke is very dark and discolors anything it touches. It needs specialized remediation and needs to happen immediately.

The Pros Mitigate the Damage

Smoke damage is a severe problem, and not one the typical homeowner should attempt on their own. Our team is trained in assessing smoke residues and using the proper cleaning methods to restore damaged areas and content.

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