Everyday fires impact the lives of towns and cities throughout the United States. Over one-fourth of all blazes are residential fires. It can ruin lives and destroy property, and that is where Hometown Restoration can help. Our certified technicians can restore your home and give you back what you thought was lost.

Immediate Mitigation

When a fire damages your home, no matter how big or small it is, the fire and smoke damage restoration service needs to begin as soon as possible. Once the residence has been cleared by officials as safe to enter, we get to work. We mitigate any damage done by heat, fire, and smoke. Fire damages services include:

  • Board Up/Tarp Up Services
  • Smoke and Soot Removal
  • Odor Elimination
  • Content pack up and move out
  • Water damage remediation
  • Textile Restoration
  • Deodorizing
Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Cleanup & Repair

Once the home is safe, and a mitigation plan is in place, our IICRC team begins the cleaning and restoration process. We deal with water extraction if firefighters were called to the scene, and hoses were used to stop the blaze. Secondary damage from water intrusion can include mold and weakened structural elements. Charred materials and debris are removed and properly disposed of.

Smoke residue settles throughout the home, even with small fires. There are four different types of smoke residue, and each requires specific cleaning techniques. Our trained technicians test the smoke film and determine the cleaning action needed. Our crew is also busy assessing what gets repaired and what needs replacing.

Fire Restoration

In a small fire, the content of the home can often be cleaned on-site. In more extensive fires, the content is moved off-site to our warehouses for cleaning and restoration. Restoration on the house begins as well. We work with your insurance to ascertain what can be salvaged and what needs replacing. We work on rebuilding your home to a pre-loss condition.

If you need fire damage restoration, contact Hometown Restoration at (760) 653-5400.