Many scenarios may cause you to come in contact with fecal matter or urine cleanup. Perhaps you are the caregiver to an older adult or someone with special needs who requires care and has had an accident. Maybe you’re a house flipper who has bought a new house to flip with some potential—but there are really some cleanup efforts to be had. Maybe you’re helping someone who has a hoarding problem or other mental illness is. No matter what the reason is, cleaning up fecal matter or urine yourself is hazardous and should be handled by a professional. If you need help with fecal matter/incontinence cleanup in San Diego, Hometown Restoration can help.

When it comes to urine, one of the biggest issues is ridding the home or business of the odor. We can help clean, sanitize, and disinfect, and then deodorize your home or establishment so that the odor of urine is gone. The odor of urine is a tough one to get rid of, but our team of techs and professionals can get the job done.

Fecal matter is a bit more serious, as it potentially contains infectious diseases that can get you very sick. If you’re in a situation where fecal matter cleanup is needed, you shouldn’t try to take the task on yourself—call a professional. Fecal matter can have E. coli, hepatitis A, rotavirus, and norovirus, all of which are toxic and none of which you want to come in contact with. We will rid your home or business of either urine or fecal matter, clean and sanitize it, and ensure it is safe to return. Also, in today’s world, we provide an extra layer of protection and disinfectant to ensure everyone’s safety.

If you need help with fecal matter/incontinence cleanup in San Diego, contact Hometown Restoration today at (760) 653-5400 to speak to a member of our team for either immediate assistance, an appointment, or more information about our process.