Having flooding envelope your home can be traumatic and frightening. You never know when it can happen, and when it does, even if your homeowner’s insurance can cover the damage, you may not know who to call or what your next steps should be. If you need emergency water and flood cleanup in De Luz, contact Hometown Restoration, and we’ll be out there in a flash.

One of the main reasons you must get flood damage cleaned up as soon as possible is mold. Every dwelling has some bit of mold present in it, but in most cases, it’s harmless. Mold is typically invisible to the naked eye, so you can’t see it. In a place where there is water damage, mold will grow quickly and begin to spread, and it can become toxic. Then it can begin to cause you serious health concerns and respiratory problems.

We can come out to your home and give you a thorough inspection and estimate, and from there, we can remove any standing water and excess moisture that may be in your home. We can then dry, dehumidify, and deodorize your home. Then we can clean and sanitize your home and make sure that mold can’t grow; lastly, we can begin the restorative process so that your home is livable again, and it’s the comfortable home you remember before the water damage.

To learn more about how we can help when it comes to emergency water and flood cleanup in De Luz, contact Hometown Restoration today at (760) 653-5400 to speak to a member of our team. You’ll be glad you did!