Everyone tries to be prepared for the unexpected, but plumbing and sewage issues can surprise even the most prepared homeowner or renter. These are serious problems that, oftentimes, warrant a professional cleanup company. Sewage is unsafe and unsanitary and contains bacteria that can be dangerous and hazardous and can cause serious illness if you come into close contact with it. If you need emergency sewage cleanup & removal in San Diego, Hometown Restoration will dispatch a team of professionals to you immediately.

There are many reasons that sewage backups or sewage problems happen, and even if you practice preventive maintenance, many of these issues can be well out of your control. One of the major issues is clogs. Clogs can be caused by hair or grease or other materials that, over time, clog the sewage lines and cause a backup. There can also be damage to the sewer line itself. If you have a newer home, you likely have plastic piping, which is likely to be damaged. However, older homes often have cast iron pipes, which can become corroded and break down easily. Sewage problems can also be caused by sudden, heavy rainfall and storms.

You’ll often see sewage back-up in the form of a toilet overflow, but it can come through other piping in your house, depending on your setup. There are three types of contaminated water: clean water, gray water, and black water. Even though “clean water” may sound okay, it is still contaminated water if it came from the sewer system. Black water is the most contaminated and should be avoided at all costs. Any instance of contaminated water should warrant a cleanup, so we can come in and clean and sanitize your home and prevent your contact with any mold or bacteria.

If you need emergency sewage cleanup & removal in San Diego, contact Hometown Restoration today at (760) 653-5400 to speak with our team members.