Emergency Sewage Cleanup & Removal Services in Carlsbad

There is nothing more serious than a sewage problem. Overflowing rivers can send floodwaters surging through the streets and into your home and bringing with it all kinds of debris, dirt, and bacteria. A backed-up septic system can cause sewage overflow into your bathroom. These are nasty, dangerous situations that require emergency sewage cleanup & removal in Carlsbad. You are at risk of infection, illness, and secondary damage if not taken care of properly. Hometown Restoration has three main steps in dealing with sewage cleanup:

Water & Solid Waste Removal

Eliminating all water and solid waste is the first step in primary mitigation. This needs to be dealt with right away, or secondary damage such as mold can occur. We have pumps designed for water removal that contains waste. Once this waste is cleared, and as much water as possible gets removed, clean up can begin.

Clean &  Disinfect

Cleaning the area thoroughly and then disinfecting the impacted area is next. Our crews use the proper PPE equipment and EPA-registered cleaning agents. All areas and surfaces will be sanitized to return it to the pre-loss condition.

Drying Out

The restoration process continues with drying out the area. Air movers, industrial fans, and dehumidifiers may all be used. Drying is a crucial part of the process to prevent mold from growing. Any materials that are water damaged and need removed need to be dried first.

These are the necessary steps that are part of any sewage cleanup. Much more may be required depending on the extent of the sewage water damage. A flash flood requires more cleanup to your home and content than a toilet overflow, which is contained. We provide comprehensive water, fire, and flood damage restoration. If you need emergency sewage cleanup & removal in Carlsbad, contact Hometown Restoration at (760) 653-5400.